Kereru Team


Kia Ora Koutou. Welcome to Kereru Team. Our children are in Year 0/New Entrant and Year 1 Children who start in term 1 will be classified as Year 1 children. Children who start in terms 2-4 are classified as Year 0 children.
We endeavour to work in partnership with parents and are keen to create an approachable atmosphere where students are excited and active in their learning and considerate of each other.
Independence: This is vital for learning. Most children, after the first few days, should be walking into school. Children should be carrying their own bags and preparing themselves for the day independently (taking their own book bags into the room and completing the classroom early morning routines).
Homework: The children bring home a reading book in their book bag. This comes home 4x a week and on the fifth day the children bring their poetry files and/or a library book home to share with family members. We also have sight words which we ask to be read every night Monday to Friday.




Mrs. Hansen-Viliua (Kereru Team Leader)30/1
Ms. Blake40/1
Mrs. Boot21
Mrs. Thornhill11
Mrs. FearonKowhai Room0

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